Project Description

Elegant walk-in shower

The dimensions of this elegant walk-in shower with large format 24″ sq porcelain tiles are 10′ x 3′. We installed it at the Mafco House Moose Project near Sir Sam’s Ski-resort in Haliburton. Instead of drywall or heavy  cement board we used lightweight 1/2 inch Schluter  Kerdi board which is an ideal waterproof  substrate for tiling. We prefer to install the Kerdi Board ourselves to insure that the shower stall is plumb and square otherwise nice corners are hard to achieve when setting the tile. With large format tiles we use a laser level for alignment and tile levelling clips to ensure an even,  high quality tile surface. For the shower base we installed a mortar bed which was waterproofed with Schluter Kerdi cloth. Because of the dimensions of this shower, 10′ x 3′  with a rain shower head at each end,  it was not possible to use a standard Schluter Shower tray.

Project Details

Mafco House in Haliburton near Sir Sams Ski resort.