Project Description

Walk-in shower in modern guest bathroom

This modern bathroom has a walk-in shower and a free standing bathtub. As usual we cut no corners when it comes to quality. We installed the shower substrate (Schluter Kerdi Board) ourselves. The concrete floor was first levelled with a self-levelling compound before installing Schluter Ditra as an uncoupling membrane. For the shower base we  constructed a mortar bed which we waterproofed with Schluter Kerdi cloth. We chose a mortar bed over a standard shower tray because of the location of the drain plumbing. Credit for this bathroom goes to the lady of the house who has a real knack for decorating. The owners chose Creative Tiling Solutions after inspecting our website and visiting another happy customer of ours on Paudash Lake.

Project Details

Location: Houston Road on Paudash Lake.

Client: Jim Higson