Waterproofing is vital

Waterproofing is the foundation for every professionally installed, easy to maintain, tiled shower. Good waterproofing cannot be overemphasized. There are different ways to properly waterproof a shower-stall before tiling. We have selected the Schluter Kerdi System as our standard method of water and vapour proofing. Kerdi is available as a membrane which is attached to drywall or other substrate with thinset mortar.  Kerdi is also available as Kerdi board which completly replaces drywall and  has become our preferred shower tiling substrate. Kerdi board is a lightweight and stable substrate material perfectly suited for tiling of shower walls. Another consideration for choosing Schluter Kerdi is the Kerdi drain which is bonded to the Kerdi membrane with a bonding flange. It is easy to install and yields professional results every time.